is run by me, Roddie Hasan – It is my personal blog, and all entries and opinions are my own.

Who is Roddie?

  • Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems Inc. focussed on Enterprise Networks, Cisco DNA Center, and SD-WAN
  • Cisco Press author of a Cisco Software-Defined Access book
  • A really bad hockey player who plays old-people hockey on weekends
  • CCIE #7472
  • A licensed Private Pilot who rarely has the time or funds to fly
  • A home chef who really dislikes baking
  • A husband, and father of two 20-somethings who contribute to my grey hairs
  • I also have six (6) SIX cats.  Yes, six.  Don’t ask; you don’t want to know

More info about me than you could ever possibly be interested in can be found here.